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In an alternate universe, Felines have evolved in to sentient beings and became the dominant species in this planet. Instead of calling it Earth, the name that the planet goes by is now Yarn Land and the Felines have been living together in peace for centuries.

It was only until recently that a plagued has started terrorizing the entire population, no one knows how it happened or why it happened but due to this disaster; the Felines whom have always been at peace with each other has split in to 3 factions by reason of fear and different ideologies. The plague in question turns the docile Felines in to fearsome Tigers but it doesn’t affect everyone and most of the Felines are immune to it, though for the unfortunate ones that do metamorphosise in to beasts, they posses incredible strength and even cannibalize their own brethren.

Lykoi, the leader of the Tivali clan – is an Alpha who has embraced the curse and is now bound on conquering Yarn Land, waging war with the 2 other clans. Tem Purr Ra who leads the Ki Chi clan has decided to work together with the leader of the Purr Sian Empire – 9 Lives Lily and bring peace back to their homeland.

About crouching tiger hidden kitten

Crouching Tiger Hidden Kitten (CTHK) are a collection of 3,333 uniquely designed and well curated NFTs, which features adorable artwork that thrives on the Ethereum Blockchain.

With over 100 exciting traits and 7 amazing attributes, you are bound to find a Kitten that you adore! If you mint one of our collection, there might be a chance that your Kitten will turn in to a Tiger; consider yourself lucky if that happens to you as there are only 1,111 Tigers out of the whole collection.

CTHK holders are able to enjoy Utilities such as Staking – Staking is a process whereby you deposit your Digital Asset (CTHK) into a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) protocol smart contract to generate income. Furthermore, Holders are able to experience and participate in future giveaways, raffles, events and more!

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  • Tivali Clan

  • Ki Chi Clan

  • Purr Sian Empire

Tivali Clan

The Tivali clan is the most feared tribe in all of Yarn Land, they have accepted and embraced the plague and they use their newfound abilities to wreak havoc across the lands.

Members of this clan has bright gold fur which makes them easy to blend in with the others, and they have used this as a tactic to ambush other felines.

The only objective for this clan is to take over and conquer Yarn Land, preferably by force.

Leader - Lykoi

Lykoi is the leader of the Tivali clan, he was the first Feline to be struck by the plague. He was ecstatic with his transformation in to a Tiger, as he was able to run faster, jump higher and possesses strength that no other Feline could compare to.

With his newfound abilities, he decided to conquer Yarn Land as he felt that the world had owed him, Lykoi’s childhood was less than ideal as it was filled with trauma and bad memories.

He thanked the gods for his gift and for the first time in his life, he felt that something good was finally happening to him and he wasn’t going to waste it.


  • 18%

    Donating to a Charity Organization

    Once we have sold off 18% of our 3,333 Crouching Tiger Hidden Kitten (CTHK) NFTs, we will be donating 8.88 ETH to a charity organization that specializes in conservations for tigers and other big cats.

    This is our way of giving back to nature and to the community, as the number of tigers that are in the wild are dwindling and we should step in and help them out.

  • 28%

    0.0888 ETH Giveaway to 8 Random Holders

    8 lucky holders of our CTHK NFTs will receive 0.0888 ETH on a random basis once 28% of our collection are Minted.

    This is to grow and establish a great relationship with our community and also to thank the Holders for their support.

  • 58%

    Transformation of Kittens in to Tigers

    After reaching 58% of our benchmark sales, we will be releasing the first Utility which is that some kittens have the ability to turn in to tigers.

    Tigers are rarer in this collection, therefore Holders of several kittens might be pleasantly surprised to find that one of his kittens have turned in to a tiger!

  • 68%

    $Meat Drop for Holders

    $Meat is one of the core aspects of the CTHK universe, and it can be utilized to make Kittens evolve in to Tigers or it may even be used to breed future Tigers. Of course it can also be utilized for various future Utilities so it is an essential token.

    When 68% of the collection has been Minted, this feature will be available for the Holders.

    • 1) Kittens will receive 3 $Meat on a daily basis.
    • 2) Tigers will receive 5 $Meat on a daily basis.

    This is one of the benefits of holding a CTHK NFT, our team is constantly looking for ways to look after the community and to create an environment where our goals are in line with the community’s.

  • 78%

    Merch Store

    An official store for CTHK merchandise will be launched once the sales of the collection have reached 78%.

    As exciting as having an NFT is, we understand that having some physical merchandise such as coffee mugs, necklaces and other items that the community can vote for will definitely be great.

  • 88%

    Breeding Feature & On-chain Game

    Breeding Utilities will be available once 88% of the collection has been sold, that’s not all as once the breeding feature is available; we will start to develop our CTHK on-chain game!

    Holders will be able to look forward to more Utilities and to enjoy more perks.

  • 98%

    Metaverse 3D Voxel

    The Metaverse is the future and its arrival is forthcoming, with that being said, Holders are able to explore and enjoy their time in the Metaverse with the creation of our own 3D voxel avatar!

  • 100%

    Party in Metaverse with DJ

    Once we have sold off 100% of our collections, we will be holding a great party to celebrate the success of the launch. Holders can look forward to partying with us in the Metaverse with a feature from a remarkable DJ!

    This is not the end and its only the beginning, stay tuned for more exciting updates and Utilities with CTHK.